Iceland-Fire with Ice


Our Summer vacation spent in Iceland.  One of the most picturesque places I have been to.  Very remote areas for exploring.  We drove what known as the Ring Road.  Which is basically driving around the whole Island.  The weather was decent up north.  But in the south side there was a lot more rainy days.  The only thing I missed was not seeing a Puffin.  



It seems crazy but i don’t know if it’s cause we have been there and see familiar places or the fact that everyone seems to be going to Iceland.  Even Justin Beiber’s song Cold Water with Major Lazer is filmed there.





Ellery Campground


We attempted to book campsite at Toulmne Meadows months before without any luck.   So we decided to wing it.  We left at 4:30 in the morning to arrive around 8:30.  As soon as we get to the Camp Office everything booked.  No open sites and a long waiting list.  We were I think number twenty something.  The staff suggested to drive past the park there were so many camp sites with walk ups.  So we took our chance again.  After the third campground we got lucky.  So we ended up at Ellery Campround.  Just our luck a couple was using the parking spot for their camper but not the actual site.  So he offered it to us.  The host was amazing to let setup camp.  The only con was the elevation of 9500. I had such bad headaches from the altitude.


This was next to our Camp site.  Nice walk up the rocky terrain.img_2723

During the weekend we drove to Mammoth area and did a short Hike near Twin Falls Lake. It was .2 miles all going up.  Spectacular views from the top totally worth the hike up.