Mission Peak Trails

Mission Peak is located in Fremont, CA.  The elevation is 2100 Feet or so and it’s 6 miles round trip,  I have been on this trail numerous times.  It does not get any easier each time I have hiked to the summit of Mission Peak.  There are two ways to reach the summit one from Ohlone College and the other is residential area on Stanford Ave.

I can remember my first hike ever so clearly.  I wanted to die before the first bench was even in site.  There are 5 total benches before you reach to the summit.  I was unfit and training for Half Dome in 2008.  So this was the closest and the toughest hike near our home to train on.  I was huffing and puffing all the way up.  I remember my legs and butt were so sore for days after.  But since then my fitness has improved.  I don’t huff and puff all the way but part of the way up! LOL  Because no matter how many times I hike this trail it’s a killer.  Recently hiking I was able to capture some amazing sky pics!



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