New Year’s Resolutions are in order since it is January.  I try not make any as after reading many studies show that 92% people fail on completing them.  So I try to make the same one every year (see pic).  Also make it realistic and attainable.  Focus on what you CAN do instead of what you CAN’T.

Here are few I found might guide you:

  • Good Habit to make such joining the gym or class and attending once a week for 2 months as to create that habit.
  • Bad Habit to break such as drink only one cup of that coffee instead of 5
  • Somewhere new to go such as camping if you have never tried it.

2018 Resoltion


Published by: Zabardast Life

My biggest passions are Bollywood, Fashion, Hiking, and Fitness. I enjoy the Hurt Locker. Because if it doesn't hurt then it's not working. I workout to eat what I want when I want. Looking good in a bikini is a bonus. ;-)

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