Hiking is Passion

I started out hiking many years (like 2005) back as wanting to be part of the group.  It started with hiking up to Half Dome.  Which is measly about 16 miles round trip.  But the training for the hike was as challenging and fun as the actual Day of Half Dome hike.  Though during this time I had massive fear of heights so was unable to accomplish the cable section of the hike.  Since then I have not looked back and kept going higher and further.   As well as conquering my fear of heights and going up the cables in 2015 with my son almost 10 years later.  But in between have done many more challenging and out of country treks.

When I first started I really wasn’t sure I could sustain the stamina needed for the passion I was developing.  All the uphill walking and extended miles of walking was getting to my body.  I was always having a hard time with breathing while hiking as well.  But in time I began to workout differently and became stronger mentally and physically.  Now it’s a passion that I want to build upon.  Finding the next adventure is the goal!!

So in short don’t give up so easily!  with anything new we try in our lives it takes time to Love it or Hate it!! 

Here is me on diving board at Half Dome.  Not to mention my heart was beating faster and harder too during this pic.

At the end of the day my ultimate fear conquered!!





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