Hurtlocker Boredom!!

So lately I have to admit I have getting a little bore with my Hurt Locker workouts.  Don’t get me wrong I still go 5 days a week..but just need to change it up.  I wanted to try a few classes but the timings are just not working out.  Usually they are too late or too early.  So I have been trying a few new videos that I found on YouTube.  Before my bedtime if i feel a little antsy and have the time then I will do the following videos.  

Also two of my biggest problem areas have to be Legs and abs.  Probably the hardest muscles to build as well.  So I try to do them more than once a day.  Squats while cooking,  Ab twist while brushing, running up or alternate step on the stairs at home instead of just walking.  


She is a chatterbox and has a British accent in the video.  Everything sounds good in ENGLISH though….right!!


This is one I have been consistently doing for the past two weeks.  Just love it!!  Quick and Effective!


Great Video for a quick Butt/Leg workout.


Tell me about it!

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