MIA due to India

Sorry for being so MIA lately.  I was traveling to India with Family.  When ever I go to India, I always think of what I expect when I get there.   Some of the things to expect is the smell of kerosene all day and everywhere due to the amount of cars, scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, and Rickshaw.  TRAFFIC there is horrendous, far worse than any NY or LA traffic.  Also it’s not like they follow any traffic laws or traffic lights for that matter.  There is no concept of staying within your driving lane.  You squeeze in where space allows you to fit.  All vehicles are within touching range from both sides of your car.  And the other would be that MEN gauk at you like they have never seen a woman in their lives.  Forget the fact that woman have come far ahead in recent 10+ years or so.  And all your neighbors walk in your home at anytime without asking or calling ahead.

Some good things is the FOOD!  The taste you get there is nothing compared to what you can get in US with the exception of London.   Which I hear has better Indian food than India itself.  I utterly gorged for the two weeks I was visiting.   The worse part I was not able to workout there at all due to no gym availability.  I could not even go running outside due to so much traffic everywhere.  Instead of running I would be playing dodge the car.  LOL!  I ate everything from spicy to sweets. .  The other is SHOPPING.  The varieties of style and colors are Fabulous.  When you walk into a shop you feel like a queen.  Just ask and you shall receive.  They start by calling you Madam or Sir.  They wait on you hand and foot.  What will you have to drink Madam?  What will you like to eat Madam?  I have taken many pictures which I will share with you guys soon when I can finish unpacking.

Tell me about it!

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