Biceps and Triceps

So yesterday I get to my gym and realized I have the pants the sports bra but no shirt. I had to choose to skip the workout or go all the way home and get a shirt which I live 15 minutes from my gym. There was no debate in my mind but go home and get it…but I was not about to work out in a just a sports bra. I had decided a long time ago that there would be nothing to stop me from working out everyday. I even make an effort not to schedule anything during my gym time. This is my pursuit of the Fab body.

How many of you would actually skip the workout or would you make the effort to come back??

This was my workout:

20 minutes of HIIT(High Interval Intensity Training) on the treadmill.
1 minute of walking, 2-3 minutes of running like I am being chased by monsters

Biceps Curls-front raises, side raises, and one hand, followed by tricep dips on bench. 3 sets of 10-12

biceps-curl triceps dips

Tricep kickback and tricep dips with 12.5 dumbell in each hand. I always try to do some sort of abs in between.

triceps kickbacktriceps extension bench

Tell me about it!

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