SF Sailing

This weekend to celebrate a birthday we went took a sailboat ride in the SF Bay.  It started a bit chilly but the end of the three-hour tour it was freezing.  I will share some amazing views of the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge seen from the sailboat.  I decided to draw a anchor tattoo using my eyeliner on my wrist for the occasion. I sealed with baby powder and sprayed some hairspray on it.  What do you guys think?? 

IMG_5277 IMG_5296 IMG_5326 IMG_5340 IMG_5343

Published by: Zabardast Life

My biggest passions are Bollywood, Fashion, Hiking, and Fitness. I enjoy the Hurt Locker. Because if it doesn't hurt then it's not working. I workout to eat what I want when I want. Looking good in a bikini is a bonus. ;-)

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