Quick Dry Nails Tip

My easy peasy nails is getting a Gel manicures.  It’s between $25-$35.  It lasts up to two weeks or so.   My only problem with the gel is taking the polish off.  Like probably everyone else i don’t go back to the salon to take it off.  I also don’t spend the time and energy to soak them in cotton balls of nail polish removers.  Just to lazy! What is my method you asked?  Just peel them off myself.  So then it leaves this nasty goo on my nails.  Which would takes about a 1 week for nails to look normal again.  

I would like to polish them myself and not go through the painful process of gel nails.  They look good when you first get them on but then the removal is the painful process of it.  When I do paint them at home they get messed up, they would either chip or smear.  Doing some internet research i found this method of quick drying your nails. Which is placing your painted nails into ice cold water.  Here are the steps I did:

1-applied the following as the base coat Almost Gel that i purchased at TJ Maxx for $3.  

Nail-Aid Almost Gel Stronger Nails Collagen Nail Builder, 0.55 fl oz

2-applied color to the nails.

3-followed by another application of Almost Gel as the Top coat. 

4-placed my painted nails in Ice cold Water.  Yes freshly painted. I have to admit the instructions were to leave it in the water for 2 min.  The water was so cold that my fingers would get numb.  So i kept taking them out and placing them back in.  

I was very shocked at the results.  It worked!  my nails were instantly dried.  For 5 minutes after  I made sure I didn’t touch anything.  And it was fine.  No smears or chipping.  No more having to go the salons for gel.  

It’s two days later and they still look like i painted them today. Try it yourself and let me know.


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