Mary Smith Campground and Lewiston Lake

Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day Weekend.  We spent our Labor Day camping in Northern California.  We camped at Mary Smith Campgrounds in Shasta-Trinity National Forest in Lewiston Lake.  Lewiston Lake is about five miles long, about 70 feet deep, and sits at an elevation of 1,902 feet. This campground has been described by the San Francisco Chronicle and Sunset magazine as “the state’s prettiest.”  SF gate rated at a 10 for Glamping and as a scene from the movie Golden Pond. They have these tent cabins with redwood decks and views across a quiet, pristine-clear lake.  Inside each tent cabin is a new queen bed with log frame and furniture.  But we were not lucky enough to get the reservations for Glamping.   So we had to bring our own tents.  The place is very picturesque.  The Lake is freezing 45 to 50 degrees year-round and can’t swim in it.  My complaint about the place is it didn’t have showers and the portable restrooms smelled rancid all the way to our campsite which was no 11.  Manuael the camp host was very nice and always helpful.  He just asked to make sure we lower the seats of the toilets but the smell was always there.  They had one facility for flushing toilets and sinks restroom at the entrance and near the Glamping tents.  Also to get to any of the other walk up sites you had to hike to your site.  The camp sites were not always leveled for tents.  Each site has a picnic table and BBQ pit as well as a fire pit.  

The kids had fun playing near the Lake Shore and playing football.  Every morning my GF and I would take a stroll along the Lake Shore.  It was so mesmerizing and serene.  We even sneaked in a hike at Baker Gultch Trial which was about .8 miles round trip.   We mostly ate and then chilled.  In the campfire we made smores and churros.  Since I had the breakfast duties I made omelette, pancakes, and croissant egg sandwiches.  Lunch was sandwiches and Taco salad.  Dinner was the best Chicken curry, garbanzo indian style, and rice with vegetables.







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