Napa Day Trip 2

We had an amazing weekend in Napa to celebrate a GF’s birthday.  We were only able to get to two wineries but had over 15 tastings.  The weather was cloudy but warm .  This time we wanted to try different wineries than our usualy spots.  But that did not go well since we stopped to have lunch at Farmstead.  I ordered a Rainbow Trout which was amazing with mushrooms and almonds.  My favorite on the menu though has to be Cheddar biscuits.  Not greasy or salty just soft and flavorful.  My favorite grounds has to be Domaine Carneros.  But for wines it has to be Peju.

Domaine Carneros


I knew I would be on my feet all day and by the end of the day My feet would be screaming for mercy.  So I did some research to find how to tame the screaming feet.  I would this bit in WHOWHATTWEAR.COM

 Tape your third and fourth toes (counting from the big toe) together—we recommend nude medical tape for a low-profile look, but Scotch tape works in a pinch—to alleviate pain in the ball of your foot. Sound crazy? Here’s the reasoning: there’s a nerve that splits between those two toes, which causes pain when pressure is put upon it (a.k.a. when you wear heels). The tape removes strain on the nerve, allowing you to dance the night away.


 So I tried for the Napa trip.  I didn’t have anything except for packaging tape.  So I taped my third and forth toes together.  Sorry I should have taken a picture but forgot.   

Result: At  the end of the day my feet were happy campers and not screaming for mercy.  I can tell ya it works!!!


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