Bucket List-Everst Base Camp

Have you thought about your bucket list lately.  Well I have and came across some amazing pictures of Mt Everest.  And it makes me want to wake up my adventurous side.  It look very intimidating and yet achievable.  A GF of mine last year went on this amazing journey with her DH.  She still cannot stop talking about the feeling of being there in person.  I envy her but am jealous that I could not share in the adventure with her.  She loved the experience so much that she decided to tell others about it.

So check it out!!


“we want to create an unforgettable experience for our guests when they explore amazing landscapes, wildlife, culture, cuisines and people of planet earth.”


Love this!

 Extollo Adventures Philosophy:

We realize that adventure travel is not for everyone. If you want to stay in big European hotels with room service . . . or take your yearly Mediterranean cruise . . . we hope you have a wonderful. vacation. But if you’re looking for something else . . . if you’re bored with all the usual places . . . if you’re looking for something different, something that will provide experiences you’ll remember all your life, then talk to us. push the boundaries of what you thought travel was all about. Extollo will take you to places on the planet that, so far, you’ve only dreamed of.

Tell me about it!

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