New York…NY

So have to start by apologizing for being MIA.  I have been crazy busy with work and home. Not to mention to add a business trip to NY in midst of it.  But that was the highlight.  I usually have to travel to NY once a year for work.  The main reasons I enjoy my trip is its NY (who wouldn’t), a chance to bond with my SIL who happens to live in NJ.  The major advantage is she knows all the right places to eat and shop.  If you ever are in NY make sure to check out the SOHO area.  The food is amazing.  I also got a chance to try Ethiopian food for the first time.  If you never tried it then it’s a must.  We ate at this amazing place called Mesob.  It’s an experience in its own.  The food was very tasty and flavors were unique.  Also got a chance to shop at Canal Street.  I really didn’t buy much but just going there and looking around was an adventure.  As you walk by people silently walk next to you and whisper Brand names.  Gucci!..Michael Kors!…Louis Vuitton.  If you let them they will take you to corners of NY you probably would never see.  But we weary of who you deal with because NYPD has been very strict about these things lately.    The funny thing is two blocks on the other side were the actual Designer shops.  


Passion Fruit
Passion Fruit


Here are my eating adventures:

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