Celebrity Inspiration-Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty  in Bollywood world is know as the “Body”.   She has the whole package hair, beauty, and body.  She is not what you kill skinny but has the killer curves to die for.  She is also a woman not to be reckoned with.  She has a black belt in karate.  She also didn’t rush to get her body back after having her son.  She says she didn’t start her workouts until after the first four and a half months and devoted herself to caring for her son. “Losing baby weight for me was not about fitting into an outfit, but about doing the right thing for my health and my baby’s,” says Shetty.

If most moms who feel the pressure to get back to pre-baby weight take some inspiration from Shilpa.  Maybe other celebs should follow and not make unrealistic goals for all women who have had kids.


“Workouts aren’t to look good but to feel good. Looking good is just an extension of the benefits. A balance always has to be struck between mental and physical health to be fit at all times.”



1-She believes that fitness is just a means to an end and not an end itself. If you stay fit and workout just for the sake of being fit and healthy, you will look great anyway. But if you only try to be fit in order to look good and are too result oriented, you will have a much harder task cut out for you.

2-Due to a neck problem she took up yoga and since then there has been no looking back. She was doing general yoga earlier and started Ashtanga yoga two years ago. She feels that  yoga targets the mind; body and soul at one go. It opens all the windows to the body, just through breathing alone most of your problems are taken care of.

3-As an all rounded workout, She makes sure she lifts heavy weights along with yoga. With these two workouts she gets the perfect blend to make her muscles taught and strong so that she can look and feel the way she does.

4-Her view of dieting is also practical and therefore easy to sustain. She believes in eating healthy food that tastes good. She is a foodie but manages to stay away form junk as she has learnt to enjoy the taste of fresh healthy, organic food. For dinner she only eats salad, soup and chicken, but enjoys brown rice and chapatis with a lot of veggies for lunch.

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