Celebrity Inspiration-Deepika Padukone

She is my favorite bollywood actress right now.  Her body is to die for.  She is more toned and curvy then being too skinny. She seems very easy going and down to earth.

Deepika Quote:

      “I think the body type of the whole world is different and reacts differently to different work outs. It is important that you understand what suits your body and exercise accordingly,”  

Beauty Must-haves
Moisturiser, lots of water and Neutrogena sunscreen.

Get glamorous tip
A speedy work out followed by a quick spa session, sometimes just a steam and sauna will instantly make you feel good about yourself. Exercise followed by a spa treatment makes me feel great.

Vanity Bag Essentials
I don’t wear make-up unless I have to. I’ll just wear mascara and a Neutrogena lip balm with SPF. My mascara brand varies; I just pick it up while I’m travelling. Right now I’m using the Diorshow mascara.

Day and Night Looks
For the day I go for a no-make up look – if you have a good lifestyle then your natural beauty will shine through. A work out itself makes your skin look great. A lot of us ignore our hair, even if you don’t do much to your face and get a hair treatment followed by a blow dry it will always look great. For the night, because I’m in a profession where I’m always dressing up, I keep my make-up clean and subtle.  I would wear a coloured lipstick; blush and some mascara, I’m not fond of gloss, matte works best for me.

Spa Junkie

I have a weakness for spas especially Thai and the pressure point massages. I love Myrah in Mumbai, Banyan tree in Phuket in Thailand.

Fitness regime
I try working out as often as possible. I’ve been an athlete since childhood,  I would wake up at 5 am for a run. I do functional yoga at home everyday .I warm up with some cardio or a jog, and I do asanas, breathing exercises and stretching with my trainer, Abhishek Sharma.

Diet Discipline
I understand my body and I know what it reacts to, so I always eat well-balanced meals. I like to try different cuisines – South Indian is my favourite. I just don’t go overboard. I tend to put on weight when I eat too much dessert and sweets, so I have to keep it under control. So if I get a dessert, I share it with someone but I never deprive myself.

Heaven Scent
I don’t like very flowery, strong or musky scents. I like young and fresh fragrances. I use Hugo boss, Ralph Lauren and Estee lauder.

Red carpet dressing rule
You should wear what you’re comfortable in, rather than following a trend that may not suit your personality. I would go for a sari any day. Saris are something I’m very sure of, I think I carry them off well.

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