Celebrity Inspiration-Jessica Alba

Jessica is one fierce woman.  She is a mother, entrepreneur, and a fitness buff (like me).  I love her style and grace.  I found this article in Vogue that I wanted to share with you.  Some celebrities are truly inspirational and need to be heard.  She has co-founded the company named Honest Company which sells nontoxic products including skin care, household cleaners and diapers.  

Handbag essentials
“I have this little make-up bag that I carry around at all times. It has my eyelash curler, concealer and a cream blush. Although I love wearing mascara, I don’t like to carry it around all the time as it tends to clump in hot and humid weather.”

Beauty belief
“Washing your face every night before going to bed and wearing sunscreen during the day- it’s the most important beauty advice ever given to me, something that I still follow religiously.”

Beauty mantra
“I ensure I stay well hydrated at all times. I believe it doesn’t matter how good the make-up and skincare products are when you don’t drink enough water and get proper sleep. I also get regular facials and use products that don’t clog my pores. I feel most beautiful when I am healthy. I believe that staying fit, feeling good and being healthy makes me feel beautiful.”

Glamour tip
“Dramatic eye make-up is very glamourous. Just smudge your eyeliner, especially towards the end to create a sultry smoky effect, and follow up with double coats of mascara (I love Revlon’s Grow Luscious mascara). A darker shade of lipstick, like Revlon’s ColorBurst lipstick in Plum, also creates instant glamour. Just be sure to dab it lightly on your lips instead of a heavy swipe.”

The face
“For the night and on the red carpet, I prefer a bronzed look with strong eyebrows and glowing, luminescent skin. I’m not a fan of a lot of powder and the pale, white look—I think a little sheen on the skin is incredibly sexy. Also, I am definitely more of an eye girl. I have fuller lips, so it’s easier for me to go for a dramatic eye rather than overdo my lips. I don’t like to wear too much lipstick and I prefer lip stains in dark colours. For the day, my look is very simple: I just wear some concealer and a sheer lipgloss.”

Fitness files 
“I do cardio five days a week, and incorporate light weights into my fitness routine. I think just moving around for about 45 minutes to an hour every day helps me maintain my shape. I love doing power-flow yoga, as it’s more energetic and keeps my heart rate up. When doing yoga, it’s important to keep your heart rate up in the fat-burning zone.”

Diet diary
“I stay far away from packaged and processed food and eat a lot of organic and fresh fruit. I also make sure I don’t overeat or eat out of boredom, which can be very unhealthy.”

Guilty pleasures
“My guilty pleasure is Indian food. I’m crazy for it, and took a cooking class from an owner of an Indian restaurant. He was vegetarian, but he taught me how to make Indian food with chicken and meat, and using olive oil instead of regular oil.”

Visiting India
“I have never been to India but [I’ve] heard so much that I would definitely like to visit it sometime. I have seen some Bollywood movies. I think they have great sense of style.”

Beauty faux pas
“I regret plucking my eyebrows too much. I have learnt that they don’t really grow back and you don’t get the same shape again.”

Heaven scent
“Honoré des Prés’ Vampà NY.”

Beauty icons
“Christy Turlington and my grandmother.”

Favourite designers
“Isabel Marant, DVF, Miu Miu, Prada.”

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