Week#2-Full Body

So for the next two weeks try this workout twice a week.  There are total of 8 exercises and three rounds.  Take a two minute break between each set.  You will have 10 seconds between each exercise to move to the next one.  Make sure to do three rounds of these exercises.  Don’t over exert yourself or you will be discouraged.   Meaning try to complete the exercise but if you can’t do the advance version than do the modified version.

First thing is always warm-up and stretch before the exercise.  Warm up by waking in place or high knees.

Round 1-do 15 per set 

Round 2-increase sets to 25  

Round 3-increase to 32

1-Standing Lunges-15,25,32 on each leg.  Don’t need weights

Standing Lunges

2-Squat Jumps. Modified it by not jumping but standing up.

Jump Squats

3-Diamond Pushups.  Modify by doing them on your knees

Diamond Pushup

4-Burpees. Modify it with standing and not jumping at #7.  Or alternate knee instead of jumping in step #2 to #5.


5-Balance Toe Touch. Do 15, 25,32 on each leg.

One Leg Toe Touch

6-Shoulder Pushup.

shoulder pushup

7- Alternate leg and arm raises.  

alternate leg and arm raise

8-Jumping Jacks

Take a break for 2 minutes and then start the exercises form #1 to #8 again with increased reps.

Tell me about it!

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