Why Should I workout??

If you need reasons to start or continue a workout.  Here are some great Reasons:

1-  The number one reason for working out you will be HAPPIER.  When you do cardio it will help to get all your aggression and stress out,  Also just spending 30 minutes listening to music as you workout will be stress reliever.  You don’t have to listen to classical music or anything but just create a playlist that you enjoy moving to.   Your brain releases endorphins when you push yourself, which leads to a natural high, and an improved mood for hours or even days after.  Plus, as you start to get stronger and feel healthier, you’ll feel more confident and body-positive. Who doesn’t want that!!

2- Your HEART will definitely thank you for keeping it active. Exercise gets your heart pumping and, because your heart is a muscle, that makes it stronger and healthier.

3- Your BONES will be stronger and sexier by Strength Training.  You will have strong and healthy bones well into your golden years. Lifting weights can help fight osteoporosis, in addition to adding lean muscle.

4- You will have a healthier IMMUNE SYSTEM.  Regular  moderate exercise can help your body fight off the common cold, the flu and other bugs.  It will not prevent you  from catching it but it will help you in recovering faster from an illness.

I workout because someday I like to be that Grandmother who you will see hiking up the mountain.

Just keep hiking

Tell me about it!

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