New Goal for the Holidays

So now that we all had our share of Halloween Candy.  We need to move on. The boys bought back so much candy.  I let them pick a few and then took the  rest to my office.  If it’s at home and in front of us we will surely EAT it!!  So best to give it away then to throw it away.  There are many dentist that offer your kids money for selling their candy.  So find out which Dentist nearby is offering the deal or make a suggestion to your dentist.

You guys know what is around the corner right!!  If not here is a peak.

followed by:


which also means lots of appetizers, drinks and family and holiday dinners.

Yes Thanksgiving followed by Christmas followed by New Year.  Which only means Season of Gorge.  So how are we going to get through it?  One week at a time.  What I mean is I would like to have you guys join me on a new workout every week.  Who is in??  I will post a workout later in the day.  So check it out!

Tell me about it!

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