Shaver Lake

The tradition amongst our friends is that we enjoy one big camping trip a year.  Every year we have gone for two nights.  You reach on Friday and pack-up on Sundays.  This year we decided to go for three nights.  Because the two nights always seem so quick and don’t truly enjoy the whole camping experience.  I personally do not like camping but I am never given a choice since I live with  three boys.

We go through Sunset Magazine and see what are the best campsites in our area.  Last year we had gone to Big Sur.  We camped near the beach and under tall Redwood Trees.  During the day it was beautiful and warm.  At night we froze our asses off even been bundled up.  This year we picked Camp Edison at Shaver Lake which was the No 2 on the Sunset Magazine best places to Camp in Northern California.  Shaver Lake is an artificial lake on Stevenson Creek, in the Sierra National Forest of Fresno County, California.    The camp is owened by Southern California Edison.  The campsite has electricity, free cable television service, and limited high-speed Internet access.  I liked the amenities they offered.  We went on a weekend when they had a small Art Festival.  So the kids loved the snow cones, Pie eating contest, and an animal show.  We ended up renting some Kayaks and went around the lake.  We cooked all our meals but if you don’t want to there was a pizza parlor in the town near by less than about 2 miles.    The kids loved playing in the lake which was a good time pass.  The girls decided to take a stroll around the lake every day.  The kids enjoyed making smores in the campfire.  One night I made a yummy desert of Banana, Choclate Chips, and Marshmallow which you foil together with the banana skin on and place in the campfire to melt (I forgot to take a picture).  My only complaint was that the campground had loose dirt so it was everywhere from clothes and all over and in the car.


Really cool carvings from Tree Stumps around the walking path.  


This view is from campsite #119.  Which rated the #1 campsite by the magazine.


Lots of House Boats on the lake.


Yummy meals of Pasta and shrimp curry.


Warming my feet at fire pit.  We also made smores every night.  


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