100th Post-Thank You Fab Followers


On my 100th post I want to thank all my Fab Followers for sharing in and following my dreams along with this blog.  This concept started over a year ago in my mind.  Just unsure on putting it all together.   I am still learning a lot from other bloggers that I truly look at as Mentors and admire their accomplishments.

I have loved Fashion from the time I had my first job to make my own money.  My dad was so amazing to let me be responsible for my own salary as long as I didn’t go crazy.  The only thing I ever wanted to  spend my salary on was shoes, bags, and clothes of course.  And the obsession begins.  Thanks Dad!!

I followed the latest trends as a teenager like everyone else.  But then sometime during my High School I developed the idea that I need to buys things not trendy but what makes me confident when I wear it.  My Style has evolved as I have gotten older.  It’s more about spending a little more on the essential pieces and being frugal with current trends.

Thank you again!  

Don’t ever stop the Pursuit of the Fab Life!!!

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