Depeche Mode Concert

My DH is the one of the biggest Depeche Mode Fan.  He even knows all the lyrics of each song.  My personal favorite songs from Depeche Mode are Just can’t get enough, People are People, Strangelove, and Policy of Truth.  He bought concert tickets a few years ago but the lead singer Dave Gahan got sick and cancelled the tour.  He was so upset that he couldn’t go.  When he heard they were back in town the only tickets he could get were the lawn seats.  Which I actually prefer at a concert since you can get up and move around instead of feeling restricted in your seats.  Then there is always that idiot in front of you who will stand when you don’t want to.  This time we invited our BFF to come with us.  We took Smoked Gouda with Chips, Wine, and Beer chilled with good music.  Do you guys remember them from the 80’s?



I wore my Green Skinnies, Denim Shirt  from Khols,  What do you guys think of my new trend of the Midi Rings?






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