Quick Meals-Tostada

Since I work full-time I am prepared for dinner Monday to Thursday with the traditional Indian Food.  Which by the way is Roti, some sort of vegetable, and always a lentils.  But on Friday my kids want anything but the traditional Indian Food.  So I struggle with what to make that will be quick with little effort.  One of the things I posted previously was the quick Pizza (http://wp.me/p3L2bN-cv).  This weekend I made Tostadas.  So simple and the boys can eat about 4 to 5 of them because they are very light.

What you need:

Tostada Shells

Pinto or Black Beans-I use Rosarita vegetarian Beans

Sour Cream-Low Fat




First I cook the Beans with olive oil and garlic.  Heat up for about 5-7 minutes till well done.


I take the shells and layers of beans and add the cheese blend and microwave for 30 seconds to melt the cheese.



After I add the toppings of choice.


And your done!!  Enjoy the quick meal.  You can always additional toppings of choice.  Such as Salsa and Jalapenos,

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