Chicago Wedding Weekend

This past weekend I got to travel to Chicago for my little cousin’s wedding.  It makes me feel old to think I used to play with him as a baby.  How time and life is passing by so quickly.  We really should need to stop and enjoy the day and the moment.

Indian Weddings are a big ordeal.  They are usually 3-4 day events.  We start the First day with applying Hanna (mehndi) on our hands.  The Second day is a dance called ‘Garba’.  On the Third day is the Hindu religious rituals to get the groom and bridge ready for marriage.  The Fourth and final day is usually the Wedding ceremony and the Reception.  Where most people get too drunk and embarrass themselves.  But it’s the best time ever.  It’s a chance for the whole extended family to get together and spend quality time.  Reminiscing about our childhood and how much fun we used to have without any technology of today.  But that is a whole another subject  for future to discuss.  The sad part is I did not get to explore downtown area of Chicago at all due to time restrictions.  But I did visit a beautiful HIndu Temple while in small town outside of Chicago.   I will have to come back just to explore the awesome downtown area.   Here are some pictures from my trip.

O’Hare Airport


Hindu Temple




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