My Diet

The past week I have been talking a lot about what to wear.  This week I want to emphasize on nutrition.  For the past two years I have been eating the same breakfast and lunch.   My dinners always vary.  I try to limit the amount of carbs I consume in the day.  Throughout the day I drink lots of water.  I decided to give up soda after my second son.  I try to limit the amount of sugar as well.  I believe that I am sweet enough!!  That being said it’s good to treat yourself every once in a while.

Obviously there are times we go out for dinner and I try to use portion control and again try to stay away from too many carbs and sweets.  Now deserts is my weakness and guilty pleasure.  I am the type to eat desert and skip dinner if i have to. 🙂

Breakfast–Cup of coffee (cannot survive without it)

Morning Snack–Chobani Yogurt and Quaker Granola

Lunch– Salad bowl with 5 pieces of Chicken and Parsley Meatballs (not pictured)

Dinner–(2)Rotis (Wheat Tortilla) with Vegetables (not pictured)

my meals

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