boldly bright

Here is a fellow Blogger who has the right ideas about how to wear the Floral Look.

the fashion huntress


I posted about these pants yesterday in my “let’s get legit” post and now am showing how I styled these boldly bright pants!

When I first saw these pants at Ann Taylor, I hesitated to try them on. I actually saw them twice in the past, but apparently third time’s a charm. I finally tried them on and loved them! And frankly, marked down to $11 from $80, you couldn’t really beat the price. Because of the bold print and colors, I kept everything else simple (shoes, top, blazer).

Shoes, patterned but still neutral in color:


Top and blazer (all black), but necklace was gold and hot pink to match the pants:


Throughout the day, people approached me with feedback, which I think is great! The feedback ended up about 50/50 with suggestions of wearing a bold top versus all black on top. I got, “Oh wow! I love how…

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