Banff National Park

I finally got to mark an item off my bucket list.  We went to Banff NP near Calgary, Canada in June 2013. I can not describe how spectacularly beautiful this place is. It is nature at its very best. All around you are the very tall and majestic Canadian Rockies. The roads are beautifully designed with views all around you. The only place that I have seen with overpass for animals to cross along the Highways. The only bad part was we got caught in the middle of a storm. And we’re force to extend our vacation for three more days.

Animal Crossing overpass

Wildlife Crossing--Cindy Hsu-Becker

Moraine Lake


This bottom picture I found on the web.  Decided that I needed to find this exact spot to take picture.  So the top picture  is on my iPhone.


Banff Town from the top of Tunnel Mountain


Lake Louise


Peyto Lake has to be my favorite spot in Jasper NP.  On the drive to Columbian Icefields we stopped off here.  This place took my breath away.  When I was walking towards the Lake I could not believe the true color of this lake.  It truly is turquoise blue.  Within minutes the fog had rolled in.  It didn’t help it was pouring rain.  I could have sat here for hours on end.  But it was really coming down hard and we had to leave. 


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